• Apparent stuggle for human rights, documented according to United Nations Law
  • Important charter for peace underway

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Concept & Purpose

  • Knowledge of process
  • Evaluate the laws of the West
  • Review disparities in legal frameworks

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Rastafarian Media Network | Cause of Freedom & Progression | Eco

  • Avoidance of societal failure and malaise
  • Long term sustainable development process implementation

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Central Sq. Recruits Twelve Tribes (1993)

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Biblical ..

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Credited - Midnite (United Kingdom's Commonwealth)

The music video for “Credited” was filmed at Mount Victory Camp, St. Croix and was directed by Birhan ..

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Ancient Warrior / Liv-I Jah

Noticed in Rastafarian Culture..

Millennia Rasta Leaders

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Ancient King (Promo)

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Ancient King - Ethiopie

Published on 29 Jan 2013

Title track from Higher Bound production release:..