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Documentations towards progression of Global Security

When Malcolm was hired by OSS to quell revolts in Black Communities during the decommencement of segregation and US Based Apartheid, he did not know it was an OSS handler whom paid him. We prefer if Malcolm would have spoken against the Territorial War in the British Mandate of Palestine, rather than limiting his discourse to "Black" issues. In America, the Blacks are considered Blacks, but in Africa - they are not actually Black. Sudanese Peoples are the only True Blacks in the World, given strict breeding guidelines. People from Niger, Chad and even Ghana are not truly Black, but rather mixed Europeans and Sudanese Peoples.

Relevant Rastafari Intelligence

South Sudan is the only true Black Nation. According to a Maroc of Gnawa, Ghanaians - known as Al Ghani in Arabia are not truly Black but rather remnants of Germans, Danes, Poles and Englishmen whom integrated during Naval Expansion times with the Sudanese of Greater Songhai..

Released On: 7/18/2018